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Aspersa Muller snail breeding at Helix Farm


Many people wonder about starting their business adventure with snail farming. The first basic question that arises – how and where to start?

The most important thing is to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge best passed on from another breeder, but one who has built his business from the inside out.

We will publish short guides for you that will allow you to get to know the breeding process better and enrich your knowledge in the field of heliculture. Let’s share the experience we have gained while building Helixfarm from scratch.

Helix aspersa snail, otherwise known as Petit-gris (Western European gray snail) – is a subspecies of the Helicidae snail from the genus Helix and the species Helix aspersa.

Snails are gastropods belonging to the mollusks, the most diverse group.

About 200 species of snails, both aquatic and terrestrial, live in Poland. Importantly, the Helix is ​​a two-way snail. Which means we don’t have to worry about providing both sexes to get offspring. Of course, when you start breeding, you can buy 10-day-old so-called suckling. And here you need to find a good supplier to be sure that they will develop into adults.

What about before buying?

Well, of course, you should prepare the breeding park accordingly. What is this? And nothing else but a field on which the feeders, i.e. wooden pallets, will be placed. The park must be fenced in such a way that the snails do not escape to the neighbors’ beds.

What to build feeders from, what to feed and how to snails in the next part of the guide.

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