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Helix Farm Foundation

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It was established by a notarial deed on June 12, 2021 and registered in the National Court Register on July 9, 2021.

The main goal of the Foundation is to organize and provide assistance as part of public benefit activities. The priority tasks are the implementation of statutory goals that affect the level of culture, education, public health, universal employment and the country's defense.

The Foundation is engaged in educational activities by organizing and creating an educational path presenting the process of breeding edible snails of the species Helix Aspersa Muller and Helix Aspersa Maxima, a playground, teaching classes for children, sports activities, and educational workshops. The Foundation has the status of a social enterprise. 

Educational offer for educational institutions


Educational path

Visiting the educational path with an exhibition of snails from around the world

It will enable you to acquire practical skills in a natural setting in subjects such as:

  1. biology, nature

  2. geography (determining the directions of the world, working with a map and compass),

  3. mathematics (calculation of river width, breast height, height and age of trees),

  4. Polish language (improving forms of oral and written expression such as: description, story, diary page, reportage),

  5. art (conducting open-air art workshops, photography),

  6. will raise awareness of the need to protect the environment,

  7. will help shape desired attitudes through physical activity,

Thanks to the educational path, you can leave the school walls and get closer to nature and the immediate surroundings. People have a natural tendency to be interested in their place of residence. Therefore, it is worth basing on this need in teaching science subjects. 


Summer camps/winter camps

sports activities: football, climbing, badminton, karate, volleyball, basketball, outdoor games and activities, fitness obstacle courses, orientation and perceptiveness competitions, manual and art classes related to the theme of the stay, charades, guessing games, coloring games and other games integration games, chasing games, dodgeball, rubber bands, bottle caps, skipping ropes, hacks, dice. In winter, these will be wintering grounds.

An essential element combining fun and learning will be an interactive playground for children as an element supporting play and movement. On the square there are paths imitating races, snail shells as houses, a swing and a house, and a sandbox. 


Workshops and demonstration lessons

Educational/ecological/nature workshops

While walking along the path, it is possible to organize educational workshops in the field of nature, ecology, Polish, mathematics and art. These workshops are aimed at developing respect for nature, nature education based on multi-sensory experience, awakening a young person's innate curiosity and strengthening relationships in the group. 

Demo lessons

Teachers or our employees conduct demonstration lessons about nature and biology along with an exhibition of snails, e.g.; "Young scientists in the field" Games using scientific methods will make us feel like real researchers and discoverers of nature. We will play Linnaeus and find out who is an ornithologist and who is a botanist or cartographer. 


Advantages of the educational path

The snail breeding cycle is extremely interesting, which is why the Foundation has created an educational path intended mainly for children and teenagers with an attached playground. It raises awareness of the need to protect the environment, helps shape desired attitudes through physical activity, and raises awareness of the need for good organization and responsibility for the work performed. The path is a walking trail, marked out in such a way that it includes as many interesting natural objects as possible (nature path) documenting the individual stages of snail development. The purpose of creating an educational path is to educate through observing objects in their natural environment, which is not possible in a classroom.

The course of the educational path is planned so that interference with the natural environment is as minimal as possible. The educational trail is marked. Snails are a very graceful and popular creature. On the path you can observe the entire complex breeding process. The entire snail breeding process is the basis of the educational path and plays an important role in the educational process in the field of ecology and promotes the development of local ecosystems, which helps teach young people and children responsibility for the natural environment. After visiting the snail farm, the next element of the educational trail may be tourist attractions located in Wojcieszków and the surrounding area.


Organization of competitions, integration events, bonfires

Organization of sports activities

Outdoor activities, snail races, sack races. 

Organization of competitions, integration events, bonfires

Foundationorganizes competitions for children and teenagers about nature, snails, e.g.; film or photography workshops. Almost every child has, for example; a phone with a camera or photo-taking function. Integration events for both local communities and companies - combined with sightseeing, a bonfire, workshops and games.

Company events create a fantastic opportunity to get to know colleagues and superiors from a completely different perspective. 


Foundation's goals

The Foundation aims to conduct activities in the field of:


  • social assistance, including assistance to families and people in difficult life situations and equalizing opportunities for these families and people;

  • supporting the family and the foster care system;

  • activities for the professional and social integration and reintegration of people at risk of social exclusion;

  • charity activities;

  • maintaining and disseminating national tradition, cultivating Polishness and developing national, civic and cultural awareness;

  • health protection and promotion;

  • activities for disabled people;

  • promotion of employment and professional activation of people who are unemployed and at risk of dismissal;

  • activities for equal rights of women and men;

  • activities for people of retirement age;

  • activities supporting economic development, including entrepreneurship development;

  • activities supporting the development of technology, invention and innovation as well as the dissemination and implementation of new technical solutions in economic practice;

  • activities supporting the development of communities and local communities;

  • science, higher education, education, education and upbringing;

  • recreation for children and young people;

  • culture, art, protection of cultural assets and national heritage;

  • supporting and promoting physical culture;

  • ecology and animal protection and protection of natural heritage;

  • tourism and sightseeing;

  • public order and security;

  • activities for European integration and the development of contacts and cooperation between societies;

  • promotion and organization of volunteering;

  • promotion of the Republic of Poland abroad;

  • activities for the family, motherhood, parenthood, promotion and protection of children's rights;

  • counteracting addictions and social pathologies;

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