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Wojcieszków Children's and Youth Ecological Guard

For more information please visit the websiteHome page - STRAZ_EKOLOGICZNA (

Activities for children from Ukraine

Our HelixFarm Foundation organizes activities and care for children living in Wojcieszków who came here due to the conflict in Ukraine. We try to fill their time with laughter, fun, sports, education and, above all, love and acceptance. Snails and our kittens have completely won the hearts of our children. The best recommendation for us is that no one wants to go home...

Super Grandma and Super Grandpa School in Wojcieszków

The primary goal of the project is to build bonds between generations in Wojcieszków. The basic activities in the project were: 1. joint workshops for older people, Super Grandpas and Grandmas, with young people, the center of which would be the motto "Wojcieszków then and now", along with journalism and photography workshops for young people and joint computer graphics classes. 2. joint preparation of Christmas Eve refreshments, preparation of Christmas decorations and decorating the Christmas tree. The target group of the project is 10 seniors and 10 people aged 12 to 18 from Wojcieszków.

KPO_barwy RP_NextGenerationEU_zdrowie_zeczenie_basic_ RGB.jpg

Change-resistant – increasing the development potential of the Helix Farm Foundation

The main goal of the planned activities in the project is to develop the potential of the Helix Farm Foundation by developing paid activities, introducing new services aimed at stabilizing its position on the market, using activities focused on functioning in the green economy within 8 months. Value of funding: PLN 189,900.00


A computer is not that scary - purchase of computer equipment for seniors from the Wojcieszków commune

THE MAIN OBJECTIVE OF THE TASK was to increase the level of local social initiatives in the field of digital education of seniors among 60 people aged 60+ from the Wojcieszków commune by December 31, 2022. The intermediate goals were: equalizing the opportunities of small, local organizations in relation to social organizations " professional" until December 31, 2022, improving the quality of educational classes for seniors by purchasing modern computer equipment until December 31, 2022

Program "Przedsiębiorstwo społeczne +"

Wsparcie na zatrudnienie  i wsparcie bieżące. Wartość dofinansowania: 64 230 PLN



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