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Sale of cocoons and babies

We have been carrying out snail reproduction on our farm since the 2021/2022 season. If you want to purchase puppies for 2024, please contact us today. We guarantee high quality, attractive prices and individual advice.


Wholesale offer

We breed the snail Helix Aspersa Muller. with the highest standards and heliculture regulations, so when purchasing it from our company you can be sure of:

  • that the snails are clean and empty

  • have an epiphragm

  • alive with intact and unbroken shell

  • dressed in two classes (I and II)

  • packed 6 kg in string bags


EU consulting and projects

When starting a snail business, it is worth taking advantage of the experience of other breeders who encourage breeding on a small scale. It allows you to gain experience, reduce investment costs, and in the event of failure, avoid larger losses. Additionally, we offer long-term cooperation based on a snail purchase agreement on favorable terms.

  1. individual advice in starting breeding includes:

  • characteristics of the snail of the genus Helix aspersa,

  • maintenance systems,

  • discussion of the breeding cycle,

  • organization of breeding parks,

  • nutrition, feed selection

  • production profitability.

During the consultancy, we also provide individual care for the breeding farm being created. 


Offer for gastronomy

Due to the growing popularity of the edible snail in Poland, we address our offer to all restaurants and hotels that want to expand their MENU with an exquisite addition to their menu. In southwestern Europe, edible snails are a real culinary delicacy.

Helix Aspersa Muller has valuable culinary values due to its more delicate and tender meat. Burgundy snails with baguette, served at a wedding reception, will be an exquisite appetizer that will delight your guests. Snail dishes are perfect for all parties, conferences, business meetings and family events.

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100% Organic  /  Free Range  /  GMO-free

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